ABOUT Fondi Models

FONDI MODELS is a high class international modelling agency based in Helsinki Finland.

Founded in 1988, we provide you with well trained professional models, whether your needs are in print or any other media. Our models are also ideal on fashionshow runways.

We are continuosly searching for new models. If you are interested in becoming
a professional model, please get in touch with us. Together we can evaluate your possibilities to create a successful career in the fashion industry.

Fondi Models Oy antaa pyydettäessä Henkilötietolain (523/1999) 10§:n mukaisen rekisteriselosteen.

How to become a model

- If you are at least 14 years old girl or woman, TALLER than 170 cm and your size is 34-38.
- If you are at least 16 years old boy or man, taller than 180 cm and your size is 48-52.

Send us some snapshots of yourself by e-mail: fondi@fondi.fi, or by post to Fondi Models Oy, Merikasarminkatu 10, 00160 Helsinki, or call us 09 684 0160 and arrange an appointment.

We will evaluate your possibilities as a model and answer you in a couple of days.

tel +358 9 684 0160fondi@fondi.fi www.fondi.fi